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How to get an Extension for Visa on Arrival

You would not be the first visitor, that decided to stay longer in Bali than planned, and is in need of a VoA extension.
Bali Visas able to provide the extension service for you.

Visa on Arrival can be received directly when you are landed at the airports or seaports in Indonesia. This visa will be issued at the airport/sea port when you enter Indonesia.


The maximum length of stay is 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days.

Regular service extension - 750.000 IDR (10-15 Business days)
Express service extension - 1,150.000 IDR (4-5 Business days)
Super Express service extension - 1.350.000 IDR (1-2 Business days)


* Note Please

Days off - Saturdays and Sundays, Public Holidays , are not calculating as visa processing days.



Visa on Arrival is given to a person who has come with holiday/leisure, business or social visit purposes in Indonesia.
You need to bring the following:

  • passport – which has to be valid at least 6 months from planned entrance

  • return ticket is compulsory

  • visa fee

  • foreign passport, Travel document and Temporary Passport is not acceptable as a traveling document to Indonesia.

1. Regular Process

1.150.000 IDR

10-15 Business days

Preparation Day: Passport & payment collected.


Day 1: Documents submitted for extension.

Day 5-10: Client visit immigration office in Jimbaran for fingerprint scanning & photo.


Day 10-15: Passport delivery with extended visa.

2. Express Process

1.450.000 IDR

4-5 Business Days

Day 1: Passport & payment collected.

Day 2: Documents submitted for extension.


Day 3: Client visit immigration office in Jimbaran for fingerprint scanning & photo.

Day 4-5: Passport delivery.

3. Super Express

1.750.000 IDR

2-3 Business Days

Day 1: Passport & payment collected. We submit documents.

Day 2: Client visit to immigration office in Jimbaran for fingerprint scanning & photo.

Day 2-3: Passport ready after 4pm.

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