Social Visa B-211

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Visa on Arrival can be received directly when you are landed at the airports or seaports in Indonesia. This visa will be issued at the airport/sea port when you enter Indonesia.


Social Visa B-211 is suitable for:

  • Tourism

  • Social and family

  • Cooperation between Indonesia and other country

  • Between educational foundation

  • Attending short term training

  • Conducting business conversation such as sale and purchase of goods and services as well as production or goods quality supervision

  • Giving speech or joining non commercial seminar in term of culture, social, and government, after getting permit from the authorities

  • Joining non commercial international exhibition


Holding Social Visa B-211, you are not allowed to do business activities in Indonesia or to take up employment.


Initial period of Social Visa B-211 given by Indonesian consulates can be up to 60 days, and it is possible to extend it up to 4 times every 30 days. Once you get the Visa you have 90 days to activate it arriving to Indonesia.
Social Visa is a single entry Visa. If you have left the country before Visa expiration, you cannot use this Visa again to come back – you will need to get a new one.

The Process of Obtaining
The social Visa is issued by Indonesian consulates located outside of Indonesia. It is impossible to get social Visa, being in Indonesia. Consulate Visa fee for Sosial Visa is about 50USD.

In order to apply for a Social Visa you will need:

  • Passports valid for at least six months at the date of entry

  • A copy of the main page of the passport

  • Package of documents from your sponsor stating that he/she is responsible for you during your stay in Indonesia

  • A completed visa form

  • Copy of ticket to Indonesia

  • 2 passport photos 3x4cm.


Some consulates may additionally request:

  • Bank statement to guarantee availability of funds for covering the expenses

  • Return or onward ticket (to any destination booked for a date no later than 180 days after your date of entry into Indonesia)

  • A copy of the page with the entry stamp in a country where you apply for a Visa


Social Visa Sponsorship Fee IDR 700.000

Step One

- Document Collected
- Document Check
- Payment
- Preparing For the Sponsorship Process

Step Two

- Payment Confirmation
- Sponsorship Process
- Registration In Local Immigration

Step Three

- sponsorship will send via Email
- Download and print it out
- Bring it with you to the Indonesia Embassy that you choose at the first place.
- Apply and Collect your Visa

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